Here are some examples of Townland Names from Cape Clear Island, Co. Cork
Townland NameDescription of Townland Name
An t-ArdghortThis is the name both of a townland and of a field within it. It is not clear which derives its name from the other but the meaning is clear - the high cultivated field.

Baile Iarthach Theas & Baile Iarthach ThuaidhThe south-west townland and the north-west townland or habitation.

CeathrúnaQuarters. It is a term used in land division.

Cill Leice FórabháinPerhaps the burial place and 'slab' of Mac Forabháin.

Cnocán na mBairneachHillock of the limpets.

Cnocán an ChoimhthighHillock of O'Cowhig, or the stranger.

CoinlínIt means stubble area, the stubble being what is left of the corn in the ground following the harvest.

Crathach Thiar & Crathach ThoirPerhaps, the boggy or marshy place, west and east, or the name may refer to the round shape of the most prominent hill in the area.

Glean Iarthach, Gleann Méanach & Gleann OirtheachWest Glen, Middle Glen, East Glen.

Gort na LobharField of the lepers, probably indicates the use of the area as a place of quarintine for those afflicted with contagious diseases. This townland name would seem to have derived from a field within it which still bears the same name.

Lios Ó MóineThe habitation of one named Mughain.

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