Here is a step by step example of how the collected data is presented
1: Co-ordination of all submissions from each townland.
2: Checking the position of all names supplied.
3: Drawing of maps showing the position of names collected within each townland.
4: The townland name, its variations, all minor names along with local, oral and literary references to each name are recorded.
5: The collected data is produced in bound volumes arranged according to barony, subdivided into parishes, which in turn are subdivided into townlands . These bound volumes form a County Place Names Archive.
6: It is hoped that material from the Cork & Kerry Place Names Survey compilation will be included in future publications, maps, roadsigns, planning forms etc.

Here is an example of a townland map showing the location of each name collected. The number given corresponds to the listing of placenames for the townland.
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Given below is the townland name of Ballymacoda in the parish of Kilmacdonagh, Barony of Barrymore, Co. Cork, showing variations of the name as found in different historical sources. This is followed by the name and address of people who supplied or collected the names from oral sources. All names collected within the townland of Ballymacoda are then listed according to the number given their location on the townland map. Where the location of a placename is unknown it is recorded under the heading Ainmneacha eile/Other names

1307 Balymacod PRC 151 The Archdeacon family of Ballymacoda in Imokilly, whose native patronymic is found in the toponym Balymacod as early as 1307 though no such use as a surname occurs in official records of the time. PRC 151 1558-1603 BallymcCoddye Inq. Temp. Eliz. NB 1583 Ballymacody Fiant 4107 1583 Ballymacody Fiant 4108 1603-25 BallymcCoddie Inq. Temp. Jac. I NB 1625-49 BallymcCoddae Inq. Temp. Car. I NB 1652 Ballincody Depns NB 1655-9 Ballymacboddy Down Survey NB 1666 Ballymccoddie BSD 16 1669 Ballymaccody alias Ballymccoddy ASE 204 1685 Bámcácody HD 1839 Ballymacoda Lewis 2, 162 1840 Ballymacoda JOD NB Baile Mhic Coda - Mac CodaÆs Town (Mac Cody is Archdeacon) NB Ballymacoda B.S Sketch Map NB Ballymacoda Co. Map Bash NB Ballymacoda Revd. Wm. Agar NB Ballymacoda Blue Book or Co. Book NB Ballymacoda Revd. Wm. Rogers NB Ballymacoda RN NB Ballymacoda is situated about the centre of the ph. and is bounded on the north by Aghavine - west by Ballydaniel East by Ballykenely & Glebe (in Ballymacoda) & south by mountcotton. NB 1913 Ballymacoda in Cork, shortened from Baile-Mic-Giolla-Mhochuda, the town of MacGillacuddy. Gillacuddy means servant or devotee of St Mochuda or Carrthach of Lismore. INP 104 1938 Ballymacoda: MOB,BMG RB S 397:126; 393:268 1945 Ballymacoda: Baile Mhac=da. JCHAS 50 (1945), 58 1988 Ballymacoda: Baile Mac Oda - The townland of the son of Cotter or Cody. CCC 101 Ballymacoda (Baile Mic ódo - Townland of the son of Cody). CCC 124 1994 Ballymacoda (Baile Mhac óda): MacC=daÆs homestead. IPN 177 1994 Ballymacoda EC 69 1997 Baile Mhac óda JCHAS 102 (1997), 137 NOTE: A full list of the above volumes for sources used in the placenames survey is given with each parish/Barony volume Faisnéiseoir / Names supplied by:
The publication of the name and addresses of those who participated in the Place Names Survey are not permitted on the internet - Abbreviations after the placenames given below are those given to oral and documented sources mentioned in the Cork Place Names Archive volumes.
Placenames in Ballymacoda townland indicating number given to each on the Place Name Survey Map of the same Townland 1. Castle SMR 1, 78-1; AIC 2, 209 Ballymacoda Castle MD Ballymacoda Castle (site of) OS 2 1842 Site of Ballymacoda Castle OS 1 1892 Ballymacoda [castle] JCHAS 1(1892), 182 Of that of Ballymacoda there is now no trace. JCHAS 1 (1892),182 1988 Ballymacoda Castle CCC 101 Cooledera castle CCC 124 The site is past the village of Ballymacoda and down the first road to the left, where after 200 yards one comes to a ruined farmhouse on the left. the Mannings were previous owners of the farm; Crottys the last residents. The Mannings used the stones of the old castle to partly build the farmhouse and also to build part of another farm across the main road and up the hill at Churchland. Elsewhere the old building is described as being a castellated mansion, but the good coign stones at the sides of the door of the deserted farm house, and the good carved half-arch which was lying in the nearby bushes would indicate that the original building was of much earlier vintage, and of the tower house type. The farmhouse had probably been built on, or very near the castle site. CCC 124 2. Grave Yard SMR 1, 78-1; OS 2, AIC 2, 257 The Hill Cemetery AF 1842 Grave Yard OS 1 1840 Watch House and Grave yard The Examiner NB Watch Ho. & Graveyard RN NB About the centre of Ballymacoda Td. NB A watch house and graveyard. NB 3. Church SMR 1, 78-1 1842 Site of Kilmacdonagh Church OS 1 Kilmacdonagh Church (Site of) OS 2 1839 church [ruins] Lewis 2,162 1994 No trace of Kilmacdonagh church now exists within the roughly oval graveyard (78,W33.4 S23). EC 69 1996 The ruined parish church of Kilmacdonagh lies in the townland of Ballymacoda. PRC 176 4. One storey vernacular house SMR 1, 78-1; AIC 2, 344 5. One storey vernacular house SMR 1, 78-1; AIC 2, 344 6. Dispensary OS 2, SH, MD 1840 Dispensary The Examiner NB Dispensary RN NB About the centre of Ballymacoda Townland NB A dispensary NB 1842 Dispensary OS 1 The Dispensary SH, MD Site cleared SH 7. Tobareenbanaha OS 2 Tobareenbanahe MD Well MD 8. The Ball Alley SH, MD A well known land mark where ball was played long ago PA Ballalley PA 1840 Ball Alley The Examiner NB Ball Alley RN,NB About the centre of Ballymacoda Townalnd. NB A Ball Alley NB 9. Bóthar Ard PA Bóthar Ard SH It is a high road that lead to the national school in days gone by PA Road SH 10. Hill Cemetery SH Graveyard SH 11. Hill Cemetery MD 12. Gap na Feadaí PA An old gateway where unusual sounds were heard PA 13. The Forge PA It was a local stopping place for all the horsemen PA 14. Tailor's House (Power's Garage) PA An old garage where a Tailor used work and is now replaced by a thatched house. 15. The Quarry PA This old quarry is now closed. PA 16. The Well PA This no longer exists. PA 17. Quay Road PA Sand and gravel were brought from the strand up to the river to a quay at the end of this road and was collected from the boats by horse and butt. PA 18. Cross Field PA From situation of field. PA 19. Quay Field PA From situation of field. PA 20. Páirc in árd PA From situation of field. PA 21. SlocumÆs Field PA Name so called after cottage across the road. PA 22. Páirc de Poll PA This area was once a place full of holes but is now a rich grassland field PA 23. The Graveyard Gates PA Well known local landmark PA 24. Sluice PA 25. The Clive Field PA 26. 1842 Fair Green OS 1 27. 1842 Glebe OS 1 1654 Gleabe Down Survey RN NB 1840 Glebe B.S Sketch Map NB Glebe Revd. Wm. Rogers NB Glebe JOD RN NB Glebe in Ballymacoda Td. is bounded on the east by Ballykenely north west and south by Ballymacoda NB 1666 Gleabe Land BSD 16 28. Sluice OS 2 29. Sluice OS 2
Ainmneacha luaite i /Placenames mentioned in:
Pádraig Phiarais Cúndún, 1777-1856, le Risteárd Ó Foghludha (Fiachra Éilgeach) Baile - átha Cliath : Oifig Díolta Foillseacháin Rialtais 1932. [PPC] Ar an tSeanachoill, i bparóiste Chill Modomhnóg (ina bhfuil Baile Mhacóda) , in Uíbh Mac Coille, is eadh tháinig Pádraig Cúndúin ar an saol, i mbliain 1777. Piaras do b'ainm dá athair, agus Pádraig Phiarais is minicí thugtaí air féin. Insan ascall mara san atá taobh istigh de Chnoc an Dúin agus d'Oileán na gCapall -insan chuid is iarthaí de Chuan Eochaille - buaileann Abha na hUamanna le farraige ag Béal Tuinne. Tamall beag suas an abhainn sin tá droichead nur ainm do Droichead an Chrapáin - ní raibh acht áth le linn Phádraig Phiarais, ná abhfad ina dhiaidh san. Tamall suas ón ndroichead san tá Caisleán Inse Uí Chuinn, caisleán leis na Gearaltaigh mhóra, agus is ann do chomhnuigh Tomás Maol, an dara iarla déag d'iarlaíbh Deasmhumhan, agus a bheanchéile, Caitlín Nic Ghearailt ó Dhrom Anna, "an tsean-chonntaois." Idir Dhroichead an Chrampáin agus Caisleán Inse Uí Chuinn, ar an dtaobh thiar den abhainn is ea atá an talamh a bhí ag Pádraig Phiarais. PPC (1932), vii