16. Townland Official Name: Comalán





Carbery West East Division


Clear – Island


51.446930, -9.470267

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In Cape Clear Island and East point Ph. Bounded on the North, South and East by the Atlantic Ocean and on the West by Carhoona, in the Barony of the East division of West Carbery and County of Cork. NB Proprietor Sir William Wrixon Beecher, Ballygibbin, Mallow. Agent Rev. Ns. Beecher, Ballygibbin, Mallow, all held by tenants, no leases. Rent £55 per year. Farms from 1/32 to 1/8 part of Tld. Soil light & rocky, produces light crops of wheat & potatoes with a little flax. OS Name Book

  1. Pointe an Chuais Leithin
  2. An Stuaic/An Monument
  3. An Chathaoir Ríoga
  4. An Cuas Leathan
  5. Tón na gCaincíní
  6. Cuas na gColúr
  7. Cuas an Chapaill
  8. Cuas an Duglais
  9. Bóthar Chuas an Duglais
  10. Leaca Loch an Lín
  11. Cuas an Eísc
The Burma Road - Comalán (Thuaidh)
Cloch na nGeallúna (C. 238), a stone alighnment believed to have been associated with promises. Dating to c.1200BC
Tigh Sheáin D. (Ó Drisceoil) Bóthairín Chuas an Dubhghlais
Comalán aerial view Aerial Photo